Frontier Tech Startup Landscape

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Lifetime access to database of startups working on cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Robotics, CRISPR, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Photonics, Nuclear Fusion, Reusable Rockets etc.

I've built a database of 1000+ frontier tech startups, from seed to IPO, innovating the future. The startups are categorized into sectors, technologies, funding raised, funding stage and location.

Startups are classified into 10 sectors:

1. Energy and Environment: 100+ startups including clean energy, battery storage solutions, carbon capture and climate intelligence

2. Biotech: 200+ startups including digital health, therapeutics, mRNA technology, gene-editing, life sciences, gene therapy, drug discovery

3. Longevity: 50+ startups including senescent therapeutics, stem cell therapy, blood transfusion

4. Computation and Communication: 100+ startups including AI semiconductor chips, photonics, quantum computing

5. Robotics and Human-Machine Interaction: 50+ startups including General Purpose Robots, Brain-Machine Interface, Bionics

6. Web 3.0: 100+ projects including Layer 1 protocols, Layer 0 protocols, DAOs, Blockchain interoperability, end-to-end encryption

7. Synthetic Biology: 100+ startups including animal cell agriculture, plant cell agriculture, microbial engineering, enzyme engineering

8. Transportation: 100+ startups including supersonic flights, autonomous electric cars, flying cars

9. Space: 100+ startups including re-usable rockets, satellite constellations, space factories, Earth Observation

10. New Materials, Construction and Manufacturing: 50+ startups including Modular construction, 3D printing, metamaterials, atomically precise manufacturing, Materials discovery.

What will you get?
A database of startups across each sector. The status of the startups will be updated every quarter and you'll have lifetime access to the database with more companies being added in the future.

You can find a sample below:

Note: Stocks, Tokens mentioned in the database are not to be considered as investment advice.

  • 1000+ FrontierTech Startups from PreSeed to IPO

  • 1000+ FrontierTech Startups from PreSeed to IPO
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Frontier Tech Startup Landscape

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